SEO: the 4 mistakes you’re making

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved over the last few years and with so many changes, it may be difficult to keep up today. Recent updates in Google’s algorithm focus on offering higher quality content by getting rid of spam and rewarding websites optimized for smartphone users, among other changes. Optimizing your SEO for these changes is important. However, there are some mistakes you should avoid at all costs, so you don’t rank down on search engines.

Let’s review the 4 most common mistakes:

#1 Duplicate content

If you’re copying content that already exists and has therefore been indexed by Google, the search engine will find no useful or valuable content on your website and will then have no reason to promote your website. As we already have quantity, focus on quality: be creative and unique! Customers and Google will love it!

#2 Incomplete contact info

Having incomplete contact information will confuse your customers and Google. While you make it more difficult for customers to reach you, you also confuse search engines as your information will not match other directories. This will decrease your ranking and give you a poor reputation online.

#3 Neglecting social media

You need social media platforms as they are a great way to communicate and interact with your customers. They are also powerful tools to drive referrals, keep your brand in the mind of your customers AND to boost your SEO. Links from social media are high-quality backlinks and a great avenue for customers to check out your website.

#4 Spammy content

We get it, you want to sell, but producing high keyword density and/or repetitive content will actually alert Google that you’re trying to cheat the system. Spread keywords here and there, throughout your content but naturally, as part of your content. It will then be discreet yet effective!

Don’t forget that search engines algorithms change regularly so common practices today may not be as effective tomorrow! Not to mention that customers, trends, and styles also change! However, these 4 common mistakes will always remain things to avoid.

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