SEO: the 4 mistakes you’re making

By SSWdigital

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved over the last few years and with so many changes, it may be difficult to keep up today. Recent updates in Google’s algorithm focus on offering higher quality content by getting rid of spam and rewarding websites optimized for smartphone users, among other changes. Optimizing your SEO for these changes is important. However, there are some mistakes you should avoid at all costs, so you don’t rank down on search engines. Let’s review the 4 most common mistakes: #1 Duplicate content If you’re copying content that already exists and has therefore been indexed by…

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From UX to CX – Improving the Customer Experience

By Adam Cogan

For many years I’ve been talking about user experience, to the point that some people don’t want to show me their new gadget because they don’t want my comments on the user experience. Similar to the concept of “User eXperience” in software design, the “Customer eXperience” is a marketing term with a commerce weighting that refers to the intangible outcomes of a customer’s interactions with an organization. The interactions cover: The customer’s journey The ways the customer interacts (or wants to interact) with the organisation The environments the customer experiences (for our customers, mostly social media) When writing my talk…

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